Up and down Asolo's hills

Forcella Mostaccin and the "Castle Road"

After sipping a tasty coffee in Asolo you descend to Casonetto. Turning right, you take the road to the Castles of Monfumo. The climb to “the Castles” is not challenging and allows you to enjoy a beautiful landscape that partly makes you forget the effort put in. 

From there, take the scenic Castle Road, nestled between vineyards and grain crops; a must for riders who love to “eat and drink” in the hills. Once you reach Monfumo, begin the dive towards the real ascent of the day, the Mostaccin fork, a cult climb for local riders, that brings together the two sides of the Asolo hills. The Mostaccin, named after the only family that lived in the area, is almost 3 kilometers long with a maximum slope of 7%.

With some time available either on the MTB, or on foot, you can reach the church of San Giorgio, thus enjoying a unique panorama of the plain.

From there, along a technical descent of about 3 kilometers, you reach the village of Maser from where you immediately turn to the direction of Asolo with a 90-degree curve. A brief respite and then it’s time to climb back to Asolo along a manageable climb that hairpin turn after hairpin turn allows us to discover the profile of the buildings of the city of 100 horizons.

It is time to devote yourself to a good glass of wine and relax while enjoying the beauties of Asolo.

Once you reach the intersection towards Cornuda, take the short descent which leads to the woods that run along Onigo and Cornuda, from where, once you turn right, you enter the road to the Coste di Maser.

Km: 29
Elevation: 680 meters
Duration: 1h30
Level:  Medium


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