Prosecco: everybody’s crazy about bollicine 2.0

Prosecco quickly became a universally loved and known wine, thus creating the phenomenon of bollicina 2.0.

A wine for everyone, dedicated to informal aperitifs or evenings with friends. A wine to be uncorked at all times, without waiting for a great opportunity because, after all, we know that every single moment of life can become that special occasion. This is how Prosecco was born as we know it today: versatile bubbles that have united the whole world in a single lifestyle. But it’s just the tip of the iceberg. The boom of recent years has placed it in the gallery of quintessential products, but this is an elixir from ancient history that dates back to the early second century when it was called ”Pucino”; even the Roman Empress Livia, wife of Augustus, believed it had the power to prolong life and health. It is then in the eighteenth century that the symbiosis between the population of Treviso and Prosecco is cemented, kicking off its most recent history. The hills of Valdobbiadene become the cradle of production, a brand recognized worldwide for quality and tradition.

The ancient soils of the Conegliano Valdobbiadene, recently added to the UNESCO World Heritage List, were formed by the sea and lake bottoms, while the hills have been remodelled by the glaciers of the Dolomites, consisting of conglomerates of rock and sand, clay and iron. Prosecco is produced here mainly using the Charmat Method, a process that makes the wine sparkling thanks to an under pressure autoclave process.

By doing this you get a young wine that, unlike other sparkling wines, gives its best and its freshness in its very first year.

The real revolution lies in its usability. The futuristic immediacy of instant consumption, while respecting the ancient traditions of its unique hills in the world.

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