The tiramisu: the origins of a trevigian delight

So simple yet so delicious: tiramisu is one of the most beloved and appreciated sweets of the Italian tradition.

Savoiardi soaked in coffee, a sweet cream of mascarpone, eggs and sugar and a thin layer of cocoa to cover everything. A simple and timeless recipe. Tira-mi-su. Tireme-su, in the Trevisan dialect, for those who still doubt its origins that are now lost somewhere in the land between legend and reality, a bit like all the myths that have travelled through the centuries. The official history places the birth of Tiramisu in 1970, first featured in the menu of the restaurant “Alle Beccherie” in Treviso as a nutritious dessert and – as the name says – a refreshing one. But the old stories tell of the existence of this delight since late seventeenth century. The recipe has its roots in the simplicity of putting to use all the ingredients that could be found in the homes of Treviso’s farmers. The cream would be inspired by the “sbatudin”, a compound of egg yolk and sugar that was used as a refill, and the focaccia or stale bread that replaced the fine savoiardi, delicious Piedmont biscuits that soaked would become fluffy and spongy.

Treviso’s original recipe involves whisking three egg yolks with sugar and then adding three hundred grams of mascarpone to a soft compound; then soak the savoiardi with the lightly sweetened coffee and arrange them in a layer covering them with the cream and then repeat the operation before ending with another layer of cream. It should rest in the fridge for a few hours and before putting the finishing touch in the form of a mild layer of cocoa powder.

Such a simple and unique dessert that has even been codified by the Academy of Tiramisu and continues to be one of the most requested in restaurants around the world.

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