The Raboso del Piave, the rediscovery of an ancient vine

The Raboso del Piave is the heart of the ancient Trevisan culture and its history is lost in the mists of time.

The recent rediscovery of native species has returned the Raboso back to its past splendour. Pliny the Elder speaks of this wine in his Naturalis Historia, and in the eighteenth century it reaches even the Middle East, as the “travel wine” of the Serenissima. 

The name “Raboso” comes from a tributary of the Piave River, that has been crossing for centuries its natural cradle: the Treviso plain. It is austere and robust, known for resisting the cold, drought and the passage of time. In fact, in the past, at the birth of a child, there was a tradition of storing a bottle of Raboso that year for his wedding day. Stories that are intertwined and that are lost at the threshold of the ‘50s, when the foreign market begins to turn to Cabernet Franc and Merlot. The Raboso is thus forgotten and almost extinct only to be resurrected in the ‘90s thanks to several local producers who have re-planted it in their vineyards with the mission of re-evaluating its extensive curriculum and characteristics.

Probably among the ancestors of the Refosco and Friulano, it is a wine that needs a period of aging of at least three years. The barrel-aging in fact softens its austere and savoury characteristics, making it harmonious and enriching its fruity bouquet. It is perfect for pairing with game, red meat and very mature cheese.

Its rustic notes did not prevent him from capturing again the hearts of the Treviso winemakers, bonding the threads of traditions and rebuilding a small niche where the Raboso del Piave can return to tell its thousand-year history.


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