Sottovoto, the story of a km 0 requalification

At the former slaughterhouse in Pomarance, vegetables and short-chain products are now being sold.

Inaugurated at the end of 2019, Sottovoto is the first laboratory for the processing and point of sale of short-supply chain products in the province of Pisa, managed by the Consorzio Cibo da Energie Rinnovabili. The project was launched by the municipality of Pomarance with the desire to redevelop the structure originally used for slaughterhouses and transform it into an added value for both community and tourism, thus enhancing the agri-food productions of the territory. A path of sustainable development shared by CosviG (Consorzio per lo Sviluppo delle Aree Geotermiche) and CCER (Comunità del Cibo a Energie Rinnovabili).

A shop window for discovering local production.
Located on the premises of the now former slaughterhouses of Via Indipendenza in Pomarance, Sottovoto is a laboratory for the processing and point of sale of short-chain products. In fact, producers can bring their own raw materials that will become appetizers, side dishes, nibbles and can then be purchased inside the shop. The Sottovoto laboratory is equipped with machinery that allows you to cook at an atmospheric pressure that can reach up to 140 degrees Celsius, or in vacuum at 60 degrees Celsius, without altering the organoleptic characteristics of fruits and vegetables. The result is a direct link between producer and consumer, as well as a tourist shop window of the products that the territory can offer, giving them the chance to discover the daily commitment of producers to offer healthy and high-quality products.

Km 0 products and geothermal energy.

The rooms of Sottovoto are canvases heated with geothermal energy and the network that has been created between producers shows that geothermal energy is also an important link for enhancing local businesses of all kinds. In Sottovoto you can embark on an authentic journey to discover the products at km 0 of this territory. Salumi, wines, cans of all sorts, sauces, jams, fresh pasta but also truly unique products such as the precious Volterra truffle: here you can taste and buy a series of delicacies that tell stories of passion. A tip? Don’t forget to taste the liquor soaked cherries!

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