Asolo, the city of a hundred horizons

Its spectacular views inspired poets and artists: Asolo is a hilly gem with an extraordinary charm.

It was Giosuè Carducci who called it the “City of a Hundred Horizons”, due to its privileged location that allows one to enjoy a breathtaking view, which on the clearest days, lets you see as far as Venice. Many artists have been inspired by its atmosphere, including Nobel Prize for Literature laureate Ernest Hemingway, actress Eleonora Duse and explorer Freya Stark.

Asolo truly is a unique location to take on a journey that blends tradition and beauty. Its glimpses between the ancient walls and the silver vines and olive trees are a canvas to be admired in all seasons. The city also boasts several places where you can enjoy local produce and relax by having a good glass of Prosecco DOCG, the local pride. But Asolo is also a perfect place for a sweet exile in total peace, surrounded by nature and silence. Actually, it was here, starting from 1489, that the Queen of Cyprus, Caterina Cornaro, stayed and established in her castle a small and splendid Renaissance court that helped the romantic lifestyle in the hills become truly renowned.

As with all extraordinary things, its charm resides in small details, like the clock hidden behind the counter of a wine shop in the center, which is the custodian of the history of the village since the 19th century. A special kind of magic worthy of “Alice Through the Looking Glass”, and precisely that makes the famous hundred horizons more poetic than ever.

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