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Il Torrino, technology and sustainability in the center of the Pomarance village

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A farmhouse with a swimming pool just a few steps from the center of a historic village: this is the true luxury of hospitality that tourists can enjoy at the Torrino, a real mix of experiences that make you forget about the car but certainly not about all the comfort of a holiday in the heart of the Tuscan hinterland.

The Torrino of Pomarance
The Torrino takes its name from a small fortified tower located right in the alley next to the structure, which is part of the precious medieval Pomarancine heritage.

Innovation and tradition a few steps from the historic center
Born in 1998, the Torrino farmhouse was actually a large family home that for fifteen years was managed by different owners until returning to its origins in 2019, when the brothers Emilio and Amedeo resumed the business by restructuring and bringing a breath of innovation, without forgetting the link with the roots and culture of the old Tuscan village. With the renovation, photovoltaic panels were introduced, and that allowed for the gas to be removed, making way for induction in the kitchens. In addition, the connection to the district’s heating network was made so it could exploit the benefits of Larderello geothermal energy, and on top of that, the internet connection with optical fiber was installed. Every year new solutions are designed to make your stay more and feel more comfortable, also thanks to the precious feedback that the brothers receive daily from their guests.

Living the Pomarancine tradition
The true peculiarity of these apartments furnished in classic Tuscan style is to offer guests an authentic farmhouse experience just a stone’s throw from the center of the medieval village. On Thursday mornings – the day of the village market – families are encouraged to buy fresh fruit and vegetables without the stress of finding parking. In addition, Pomarance is renowned for its shows and craft stalls held on Wednesday evenings in July and August: a perfect opportunity to relax, find souvenirs and also try the appetizing themed dinners.


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