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Agriturismo Segarelli – immerse yourself in a fascinating centuries-old history for a fabulous holiday

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Filled with fiery red geraniums and surrounded by the tranquility of the woods, the first nucleus of the Segarelli farm dates back to the early 1600s, and its old walls speak of sharecroppers, war and peace, family and roots, in short, an emotional and existential journey in a perfect place to breathe the quiet atmosphere of the region’s hinterland.

A Tuscan farm from a bygone era
Perched on a hill, between woods and cultivated fields, the original construction of what is now the Segarelli farmhouse dates back to the beginning of the 17th century, while the current structure, outlined on the maps of the Leopoldino cadastre, is undoubtedly from before the 1800s. In the past, the farm was used by sharecroppers who worked the countryside for a noble family of the place, the Bicocchi. Even after the most recent renovation, the architectural features of the building have remained unchanged, giving it a poetic and welcoming atmosphere.

The history of Segarelli
The paternal great-grandfather of Luigi – who today guards the farm together with his partner Luisa – was born in 1890 and lived at Segarelli with his family until 1938, when he was joined by the maternal great-grandfather, creating an authentic family home with many children and grandchildren.

But the history of this place is tragically intertwined with the war when the boys are called to arms and the farm is captured and transformed into a German outpost. In the last years of the conflict, the soldiers who manage to return home must therefore hide in the neighboring woods and unfortunately Luigi’s grandfather is captured and deported to Mauthausen from where he manages to save himself, once the war is over.

Returning home, he marries his girlfriend and goes on to live at the Segarelli together with his brother and his wife. This is how this romantic and adventurous story that continues to this day is reconnected.

Home hospitality
In 2008 Luigi and his family decided to transform a part of the farm into a farmhouse and now it is a pleasant place in the woods where you can enjoy the tranquility of nature and taste the genuine products of the countryside. A place where individual but also collective roots live, a place where you can relax and discover the history of the land.

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