News26 April 2023

Agriturismo San Carlo e Reucci, all the ingredients for an authentic Tuscan hospitality

Overlooking the charming hills of the hinterland, at the San Carlo e Reucci Agriturismo guests are welcomed by a warm and comfortable atmosphere that makes them feel immediately on holiday. The real trait d'union? The Tuscan dinners that have the power to unite everyone through the taste of genuine products - all certified organic - and sociability.
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A typical Tuscan evening.
Nothing helps bonding like sharing a good dinner. At the San Carlo e Reucci Agriturismo, the format of theme evenings has been working since 2010, the year in which it was decided to start welcoming guests in a unique way, a sort of welcome home where they can taste the genuine flavours of the land. In fact, the menu also includes many vegetarian delicacies straight from the garden – homemade antipasti and sott’oli – and meat from local farms, the great protagonist of Tuscan tradition. In this regard, during the classic barbecue date, it is customary to stand by the large barbecue in the garden and chat, enjoying the moment and even extending it until late, staying to talk after dinner while surrounded by the enchanting starry night of the countryside.

The secrets to a perfect Fiorentina steak.
Among the most iconic Tuscan specialties, Fiorentina steak undoubtedly holds pride of place. At the San Carlo e Reucci Agriturismo you can enjoy one of the most famous steaks in the world, prepared according to the dictates of tradition. But what are the rules for cooking it to perfection? First of all, the fire – very high – must be made strictly from wood, always starting to cook it standing up and on the bone side, for a time of five minutes per side. As far as cooking is concerned, the rules want it to be almost rare, but for a perfect bite it is well known that it must be crispy on the outside and tender on the inside. An almost simple culinary code on the surface that conceals a lot of attention to detail, as is often the case in historic Italian recipes.

A good day starts with… breakfast!
Mornings at the San Carlo e Reucci farmhouse smell of freshly baked cakes and Moka coffee, a way to celebrate the moment of awakening amidst smells and flavours and really feel on holiday. Breakfast, served on a terrace overlooking the hills as far as the eye can see, is a real must for the establishment. Here the flours of ancient grains cultivated by the family farm become cakes, tarts and other delicacies that delight guests with a veritable brunch that invites you to recapture time and enjoy small pleasures slowly.

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